The object of this level is simple- to carry all the distressed
cows to their milking barns. But in practice it is not so easy;
There are collapsible ledges, flying penguins, alien ships waiting
to abduct the cows, and some fiend has rigged a few to explode!
Remembering the position of the cows, barns and bathtub is critical.

Look for the cow-flowers and note their positions; they will not
produce cows unless they are rescued in the correct order. Once a
cow is produced, pick it up and carry it to the barn. Certain ledges
will collapse if you stand on them for too long. Don't set them down
for too long, because aliens are always lurking around to steal them.

If you find a cow with a lit fuse, quickly dunk it in the giant bathtub
to extinguish the bomb before the timer runs out. Cannons can be used
for a quick delivery of bovines across long distances, such as cliffs.