In order to reach the elusive exit door, you must navagate through
this seemingly endless maze of paperwork while fighting off hooded
accountants and deadly filing cabinets. The mice rolling around in
cages can be picked up and used to power the machinery. Although it
may look very painful (it really isn't, honest), travelling through the
machinery's mangle and ductwork is necessary to get through the level.

Every furnace has a shut-off switch; whip them to avoid getting
burned. The filing cabinets are too tall to jump over, so use the
drawers for a helpful boost when they open to collect loose papers.

At the end of the level, the way to catch the exit door is easy to
miss- don't waste your time running after it (it will always outrun
you), pick up the closet and put it in the door's path. It will trip
on the foot sticking out, letting you leave this red tape nightmare.