In this planet made of meat, you must travel across miles of steak,
bacon and eggs, while avoiding numerous hazards. The scalding hot-
plates can be cooled either by turning off the switch (it turns back
on quickly, so watch out) or by cracking an egg over them. Attacking
the deadly salt shakers only holds them back temporarily, so either
locate some shelter, or shoot a snail to distract their attention.

The battle with the boss, Flamin' Yawn, takes places over a giant
pizza. He attacks in two ways- by smashing his plate on top of you,
and by shooting you with his flaming breath. While you are attacking
him, be sure to jump from pepperoni-to-pepperoni; if you walk on
the cheese, you will start to sink and eventually become trapped.

To reach this secret level, parachute to the spot shown above, and
you will be instantly warped there. Rows of forks will slowly come
from the floor and ceiling, so watch out. There are 1-ups to collect,
but if you fall down a cliff, you will be returned to Level Ate.