In this sequel, you will find many new enemies, as well as new
weapons and attacks to defeat them with. You also have a brand-
new sidekick, Snott. You can use him to swing from mucus-covered
ceilings, as well as a parachute to gently glide down cliffs.


To operate the Granny Chair, push forward to speed up, and
pull back to slow down. Use this method to carefully dodge
the Grannies as they fall- if they catch you stealing their
ride, be prepared to eat umbrella. Fresh!

Do not get to close to #4, or else he will bowl you over!
Shoot the padlock above him to bury him under a heap of junk.

If an exit is plugged, you can open it by placing a few hefty
pigs onto the nearby platform. To pick them up, press down.
Sending one down the pig chute also helps to clear the path.

At the end of the level, you will find that Bob the Goldfish
has returned for revenge. Amazingly, the folks at Shiny have
made it even easier to defeat him!