It's a day like any other.

A crow is chasing a worm, a worm named Jim.

Today the worm escapes to safety and the crow eats dirt.

Meanwhile, in outer space...

Psy-Crow is chasing a small renegade ship.

The ship's pilot has stolen an ultra high tech indestructible super
space cyber suit. Psy-Crow overtakes the renegade ship and
they face off head to head.

Psy-Crow pulls his gun. The renegade pulls out an even bigger gun.
Wrought with gun envy, Psy-Crow pulls out a huge monster gun.

The renegade, realizing he has been outmatched, pleads for mercy.

But Psy-Crow, under direct orders from the evil, Queen Pulsating,
Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug for a Butt,
blasts the renegade and his entire ship to smithereens.

The suit falls gently to a strange planet below.

The strange planet is our planet.


Back on earth, our slimy hero is wondering if it's safe and if he
has eluded the crow.

Jim looks left, then right. It seems he has given the crow the slip.

Jim returns to his normal daily life, cruising about avoiding crows
and doing other general worm-like things.

Jim is suddenly struck by a very large ultra-high-tech-

Through sheer luck, Jim rests safely in the neck ring of the suit.
Suddenly, the ultra-high-tech space particles of the suit begin
interacting with Jimís soft wormy flesh. A radical light-speed
evolution takes place.

Jim soon realizes he is in control of the suit,
and we witness the birth of Earthworm Jim.

Jim checks out the suit and he notices a red thingie attached
to his side, which just happens to be a plasma blaster.

He pulls it out of the holster and starts playing with the buttons.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the crow is still looking for his lunch.

Jim finds the trigger and lets loose with a plasma blast.
BLAMO! The crow is torched!

Taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Jim leans up against a tree.

Due to the suit's incredible power, Jim forces the tree over,
right on top of the now barely conscious crow.

His lifetime nemesis is never to be seen again.

Our hero thinks he's got it pretty easy now, but...
he hears something in the distance.

Psy-Crow, the intergalactic bounty hunter is standing over
a burn in the grass which the suit had left behind.

Peering over the toppled tree, Jim sees Psy-Crow talking
to the Queen, informing her that the suit is very near.

She knows that the suit will make her even more beautiful
than her impisoned twin sister, "Princess-What's-Her-Name."

Jim decides he needs to meet this Princess and dashes off to
find her before Psy-Crow can find him and the suit...