In this five-part secret level, you must find your way to the exit
in total darkness- the only things you can see are your own eyes,
the eyes of the enemies crawling around the level, the sparkle of
hooks, and various spotlights. Remember that wherever there is a
spotlight, there is always a floor or a platform underneith it.

To aid in this walkthrough, five maps have been provided
to show what the level would look like in the light.


Part 1:

At the start of Part 1, you can jump up to a chain which will take
you across the whole room. Jump down at the end and get a free life.

Part 2:

Simply work your way up by jumping from platform
to platform, using the spotlights as a guide.

Part 3:

This manouver is a bit tricky, but you can jump over the
upper 1-way wall to gain access to a second free life.

Part 4:

Walk all the way to the right, and swing on the two
hooks (seen as sparkles) to get to the room exit.

Part 5:

After you cross the two large hills, you will encounter your
final obstacle- a GIANT pair of eyes, belonging to an enemy
who will kill you if it gets hold of you. Run away immediately,
as it will come after you. When you get to the top of one of
the hills, jump over it (carefully) and run like heck to the exit.