There are plenty of hazards littering this level- searing flames,
ultra-sharp spikes, killer demons and evil lawyers are all there
to prevent you from defeating the undisputed ruler of Heck. There
are lots of twists & turns in this level, so it's easy to get lost.

When crossing chains, watch out for the flames that will travel
across them, and don't tread on the small volcano-like holes, as
they will send a string of flames that will come after you.

When you reach the top of the hill with the full heath power-up, you can
take a short-cut by jumping and helicoptering to the left. You should
eventually land on a small ledge which will take you further in the level.

If you do not take this path, you will eventually come across a
spinning gem. Run on it like a treadmill (this can be tricky) and
the gem will rise and act as an elevator. While going up, you can
jump for the free life in the opening you will pass to your left.

When you reach one of these gates, there should be a wheel nearby.
Whip the wheel and the gate should open, but only for a brief period.
Whipping the wheel several times in succession will hold it open longer.

If you encounter a lawyer, don't bother shooting him, as he will
shield himself with his briefcase, which he can use to shoot his
deadly paperwork at you. Instead, whip him first and quickly shoot
him while he has temporarily lost the use of his briefcase.

After the first lawyer, running on the gem will transport you to
the next part of the level. You will come to a bridge of gems, so
simply jump quickly from one to another or else it will fall to the
ground. There will be a swirl of light further down the road, so
backtrack until you can get the plasma ammo that has appeared.

Before the next lawyer and Snowman Boss, you will see a hook that
doesn't seem to have a destination at first. Swing on it and you will
see yet another hook, so quickly jump and swing onto that one. Open
the gate and jump on the ledge above it. Another swirl of light will
occur, so collect the Mega Plasma Blaster ammo that has appeared.
When approaching the next gate and lawyer, there will be yet another
swirl of light, so backtrack and collect the extra life that has appeared.

Sub Boss: Snowman

To defeat the snowman, simply attack him while dodging the fireballs
he spits out at you. Remember to keep moving- he will teleport to a
new location after each hit, so there is a large chance that he will
re-appear right where you are standing, causing you to take damage.
Run on the gem that appears to teleport to the next part of the level.

When you reappear, there will be a hidden hook behind you. Swing on
it to collect the extra life. To exit, simply walk out. If you come
anywhere near the full health power-up, Evil will pop up and detonate
a bomb, causing an earthquake, causing numerous dangerously sharp
stalagtites to fall from the sky, which are very difficult to dodge.

After the contunue, jump on one of the two gems and they will begin
to rise automatically. Remember to dodge the flames by jumping from
one gem to the other. After going down the large hill, jump to the
lower area and a swirl of light will appear, but ignore it for now.

After you open the next gate, you will see a hook that appears to have
no destination, like the one seen before the Snowman boss. It is another
double-hook, and it is much more difficult than the previous one. Swing
on the hook, jump, and swing on the next one. If you fail to do this
correctly, you will need to open the gate again after every attempt.
Once completed, you will see that the swirl of light has made extra
health appear along the series of small platforms leading to the
final gem. Run on it, and you will be transported to Evil's Lair.

Boss: Evil the Cat

There are two stages to defeating Evil. In the first, your suit has been
captured and you must find a way to get it back. Jump over the fireballs
and rocks he shoots at you, until the support post holding him up collapses.
He will run away, so use this opportunity to jump back into your suit.

This next part is a test of reflexes- Evil will jump out at you from the
dark and will viciously attack you if you do not shoot him in time. Watch
for his eyes (see inset) and shoot at them the instant you see them.
Beware of the fireballs that shoot across the floor after each life.
You have to defeat each of Evil's nine lives in order to beat the level.