In this underwater level, you must navagate your way through various
heinous obstacles in order to get to the lair of Bob, a goldfish with
plans to take over the world using the suit. Watch out for Bob's evil
cat henchmen, who can pack a mean punch. fortunately, there are a few
hamsters who will gladly lend you a hand. Be careful not to run out of
air or to smash your fragile glass submersible- worms don't swim.

Try to avoid #4 as much as possible- if he gets a hold of you, his
punch can cause major damage. You can normally just jump over him,
but when you are confronted in a tube, jump to grab onto the handle
and press up to get your butt out of the way. Jump down after he passes.

You will soon get to a room with three rings. Swing on the first to
get to the platform on the right, and then swing on the second to get
to the upper left platform. Finally, carefully swing on the final ring
to get through the tube on the roof. You will soon reach a large switch.

Whipping the switch will release the hamster from his cage. Jump on his
back to make him run, and press the fire button right before you run into
a kitten guard to eat him, or else they will beat you up and throw you
off your hamster. The hamster will run back to its cage if this happens.


At the far left of the submersible room, a swirl of light will
appear. Backtrack to collect the extra plasma blaster ammuntion.

In this next part, you must navagate through the twisty underwater paths
in your fragile glass sub, while at the same time making sure not to run
out of air (note the timer in the corner), or to damage your sub too badly.

Jump under the sub to enter it. Once you do so, it will leave its docking
station and the air timer will start. Steering is done with the arrow keys
and the throttle with the jump/whip/fire keys. Air stations, like the one
below, will replenish your air supply. Connect with them as shown. It is
best to use the throttle in short bursts, as this will give your sub a good
steady speed, perfect for making your way through the jagged pathways.

There are no real places to get lost, but there will be a dead end after the
first air station if you choose the path to the right, which will cost you time.
There is mega plasma ammuntion hidden behind a false wall halfway thru.

Once you have made it to the other side, you may come across a tube
which has been sealed off, and a vertical pipe above it which you
cannot enter. Backtrack, and jump up the other vertical pipe, and you
will come across another switch. Whip it, and the plug will open.

There will be a kitten guard blocking your path to the exit- you have
no choice other than to let him beat you up. Make sure you have at least
some health left before you reach him. Instead of going up the vertical
tube, go as far right as you can go and jump. You will get an extra life.

Finally, position yourself under the platform before the finish line and
jump. You will be instantly propelled into the full health power-up.

If you thought this level was over, you've been sadly mistaken (as I myself
had found out, to my chagrin). It's essentially more of the same, except
that the sub ride is about four times longer than the original. You can
get a mega plasma by jumping into the hidden alcove as shown above.

Fortunately, Shiny decided to have mercy on us and added an alternative
to the second, much more difficult sub ride. After you whip the switch to
release the second hamster, you can either ride the hamster and continue
the level, or you can jump into his cage, position yourself right at the
back and jump like crazy. You will eventually make your way to a hidden
alcove containing plasma ammo, and you will now have access to a tube that
contains an extra life, and a portal to a bonus round of Andy Asteroids.

This bonus round is basically the same as an ordinary round, except that
there is a suprising abundance of fuel pods and rocket boosters. Getting
fifty fuel pods should be a cinch, which will earn you an extra continue.

If you choose to finish the level, you will notice that there is only one 99-
second air station to get you through the entire course. The course is a giant
twisting 'Z' shape, which will test your scuba-driving skills to the limit.

If, on the off-chance you need more time, a hidden 60-second air supply is
hidden behind a wall with two lights (see above) about 2/3 down the course.

When you finally reach the other side, whip the final switch to enter the
lair of the fearsome Bob the Goldfish. To defeat him, shoot or whip his
bowl, or simply walk into him. Did you expect anything else? C'mon.