In this bungee battle of three rounds, you must bash Major Mucus into the
jagged walls until his cord breaks, before he does the same to you.
Round one starts off easy, but in each subsequent round it gets tougher.

To bash him into the wall, get right up beside him and hit the fire
button. Jim will then body-check him into the wall, as shown below.
The indicator on the right shows the damage to his rope, and the one
on the left shows yours. Be sure not to get anywhere near him when
he spins around (see below right), or your cord will take some damage.


There is a techinque you can use to make defeating Major Mucus easier-
On your way up, hug the wall (carefully) as close as you can and press up.
Mucus will do the same, and you now have him right where you want him. Now
when you reach the top, quickly go down and left and bash him into the wall.

Lurking in the snot pool below is the Mucus Phlegm Brain creature. In
Round One he only floats there, but if you get too close in Rounds Two and
Three, he will be ready to chomp you in half. Try to avoid him at all costs.