In this level you must help Peter Puppy reach his home, all the while
trying to protect him (as well as yourself) from hazardous meteors and
aliens. It's not as tough as it seems- this fairly straightforward level
can be completed in a breeze if one remembers a few handy tips.

First of all, do not let Peter fall off any cliffs or get captured by a
unipus (the one-tenticled creature). If he does, he will lose his temper
and transform into his very humourless alter-ego. His attack will not only
cost you health, but he usually spits you out further back in the level.


You can make him jump over these hazards by whipping him, and if you need
him to stop (which I'm sure you will), shoot at him and he will quickly duck.

Make sure to shoot down the flying saucers as soon as you see them, for
if they get to close, they will freeze you with their tractor beam for a
few seconds, making it even more likely for Peter to get into danger.

Be careful when treading on levers, not to launch poor Peter down a chasm.

Trying to keep Peter safe while destroying meteors can be difficult, so
here's how to do both at the same time. When the meteor shower starts,
get in front of Peter and shoot diagonally up. As soon as he passes you
he will duck, and will stay there until the shower ends. Also remember
that the smaller meteors will not harm you, so conserve your ammunition.

At around the halfway mark and near the end there will be giant hooks, which
will lift Peter and set him down further down in the level, giving you time
to battle the cement-mixer monsters. Don't get too distracted, for the second
hook will set him down right next to a cliff, so you must be ready to save him.

When you finally reach your destination, you can either guide Peter to his
home, or you can whip him over it to enter the advanced version of the level.
It's essentially more of the same, except this time much more difficult.