The primary foes in this level are crows and rabid junkyard
dogs, and spikes littering the floor can cause major damage.
The crows can be killed be a single whip, so save your ammo.
When on the tires, you can jump higher by holding down the
jump button. There are plenty of secret areas in this level.

The first obstacle you will need to overcome is a large bovine mass
blocking your path. Whip the fridge, and it will catapult the cow into orbit.

Secret Area #1 can now be accessed below by carefully helicoptering
between the rocks and tires. Collect the mega plasma and free life.

Continuing on, you should see a sparkling hook like the one shown above.
You can swing on them by whipping them. If you swing to the left, you
should reach a zip line. Jump on it, and just before you reach the end
of the line, quickly jump and whip the moose head's antlers. You will end
up in Secret Area #2. Follow the path and you will reach the warp toilet.
Jump on it, and you will be transported to another part of the level.

Here, you can either walk behind the wall to your left, or you can swing
on the hook to your right. If you choose to go right, you should see
another warp toilet and an extra life above you. Stand right under the
extra life and jump. You should be propelled up into Secret Area #2a,
where there is yet another warp toilet. If you are playing the Special
Edition, this will take you directly to the new addition to the level.
If you choose to go left, you will end up in Secret Area #5. Both the
new addition and Secret Area #5 will be explained further down the page.

If you do not go to Secret #2, you should see a cow crossing sign
like the one shown above. Climb up the wall to your right, and you
will gain access to a hidden chain. Travel left across the chain to
get to Secret Area #3, and collect the two mega plasma blasters.

You should soon come across a large conveyor belt. Climb up it,
manouvering around the hazards. Jumping while climbing will speed
up your ascent. When you reach the top, head right, walk through
the "continue" sign to activate it, and climb up the ledge. Above
the doghouse is a hook; swing on it, jump and swing on yet another
hook, and you will end up in Secret Area #4. Use the chain to get
the mega blaster, then drop and get the ammo next to the conveyor.

Above the second continue will be another moose head, which you can
use to swing onto the ledge to the left. Drop down into Secret Area #5.
Swing across the series of hooks and chains to gain an extra life.
If you do not go this route, you will encounter a completely horizontal
zip line. To move across the line, simply shoot your blaster to the right.

Sub Boss: Tireman

The trick to this guy is to shoot him and not let him hit you,
or else his hit counter will reset and you will have to start over.
When in his upright form, dodge the tubas that will fall whenever
he stomps. When he is in his "tank" form, avoid the anvils he shoots
at you, and jump over him carefully making sure you don't get too
close, or else he will attack you instantly in mid-air. You can avoid
him altogether (which isn't a bad idea) by accessing Secret Area #2.

After Tireman is defeated, you may see a swirl of light when you walk
on the next ledge. This means that a secret power-up has appeared
somewhere behind you. This can happen throughout the whole game, so
watch for them. Look up and to your left, and you should see a hook.
Swing on it, and you should reach Secret Area #6 and get full health.

This next area is a new addition to the Special Edition. You have
lost your suit, and need to navigate over a series of slippery ramps
to get it back. About half way down it splits into two parts, easy
and hard (aka "Stud" and "Wimp"). Remember not to jump from ramp
to ramp too late, or else your forward momentum will cause you
to overshoot the next ramp entirely and end up in the spikes.

If you choose the easy route, remember that just before you reach
your suit, there are two ramps: the upper one has the suit, and
the lower, much trickier one leads to Secret Area #7a. Follow
the path to reach full health and more ammo to use on Chuck.

If you choose the hard route, you can access Secret Area #7b by
holding left when you are shot out of the first duct. This will
propell you onto a hidden ledge that contains missiles and an
extra life. If you miss this secret, another life can be found
further down the route between two ramps, which is tricky to get.

Boss: Chuck

Your gun has no effect on Chuck, so attack him with the crates he drops
by whipping them onto the spring when he is right above it, causing them
to bounce into him. Dodge the fish he regurgitates and the tubas that are
dropped from the crane. You can destroy the horns by shooting them. Keep
attacking him with the crates until Chuck is defeated. Don't forget that
before you defeat him, helicopter onto the spring, you will be propelled
into the final Secret Area #8, which contains some health and more ammo.