For the next-to-last stage before you enter Queen Slug-for-a-Butt's lair,
this truly gastronomic level is not too difficult- except for the fact that
its boss will stop at nothing to keep you from defeating him. Try to whip
regular enemies rather than shoot them, as it's best to stock up on mega
plasma ammo and save it for Doc- this will make things so much easier.

Scattered throughout the level are volcano-like structures that release
large boulders which will roll down hills and steps, so watch out for them.

To get the first free life, keep walking past it- when you get to the top
of the hill, walk back down and you will be led to the room with the life.

When you reach this seemingly dead end, jump off the ledge, collecting
the health as you fall. You should land safely on another ledge.

To get the mega plasma blasters, whip the hook through the floor as shown.
Be sure to land on the small ledge to the left, so you can swing back to
where you left off. Otherwise, you will fall further back in the level.

After you reach the continue point on the small ledge, you must use
your helicopter head to reach the ledge on the other side. You can
also use this method to get to the free life on the lower ledge.

When you reach a room with teeth lining the floor (as shown below),
swing across the two hooks and you will get the final free life.

Boss: Doc Duodenum

Doc's constant jumping from one end of the room to another and deadly
bile excretions make defeating him using your regular gun difficult.
The best (and quickest) way is to attack him with a barrage of mega
plasma blasters. The second best way is by whipping him repeatedly.