There are two ways to effectively complete the final level: you can either
take it slow, making sure to destroy all enemies and collect all power-ups,
or to just blaze through it, before the enemies have a chance to get you.
Either way, the Queen isn't going to make it easy for you.

In the first part of the level, you have to literally use your head and
helicopter your way through the twisty, thorny caverns en route to
the Queen's lair. At the first fork, go right and whip the hook to
collect a free life, as shown below. There will be a full health power-
up when you reach the open area. At the second fork, the left
route is easier, but contains less ammo/health. Once you reach the
bottom, get the free life to enter the next part of the level.

You will soon notice that on parts of the ceiling are vine/hair-like
things- they can be climbed across to access other areas/health/ammo.
The dreaded wall o' hooks is next; Whip a hook, quickly turn around
in mid-air and whip another, working your way up. By swinging on the
bottom pair of hooks, you can access the mega plasma blaster ammunition.


There are several key enemies to avoid. The first are small,
flying purple/green bugs that can be a pain when they swarm
you- the best stategy is to destroy their nests ASAP. The
second may look like an innocent pair of eyes, but if you
get too close they will dart out and chop you in half. To
destroy them, wait for them to pop out and then whip them.


The third are small green creatures that will dart their
deadly tongue at you if you get too close. They can be
killed, but a new one will pop up after the other goes.

Be sure not to miss the cache of blaster ammo as shown above.
At the continue point, above the two basketball-like spheres is
a full health power-up next to a nest. Get the former and destroy
the latter before whipping the hook and continuing on your way.
Another wall o' hooks will be waiting for you to climb.

You will soon need to helicopter across a long thorny slope-
when you reach the end, don't forget to whip the hook on your
left to access another full health power-up. On one of the plat-
forms, a swirl of light will appear. You will need to go down
the slope again, but this time it will contain plasma ammunition.

When climbing up the spheres, remember that lurking above many
of them are the eye creatures waiting to chop you in half. Once you
make your way to the top, climb across the vines, whip the hook and
you will find yourself on top of possibly the biggest butt of the universe.

Collect the plasma blaster ammo and climb across the next set
of spheres, still watching out for the eye creatures. There is an
extremely tricky-to-get 1-up above you; whip the hidden hook (you
will need a good run-up) and swing onto the platform to get it.

Before jumping down to attack the giant butt, there will be a swirl
of light, indicating that a supply of mega plasma has appeared above
you. This will come in very handy, as the butt can be destroyed with
one hit. Once you jump down, you will find yourself on a moving con-
veyor, that gets more and more thorny as time goes on. You will lose
all health if you you are forced into the leftmost wall. If you do not
have any mega plasma blasters, whipping the butt is also very effective.

Final Boss: Queen Slug-for-a-Butt

After the butt is defeated, collect the 100% health and plasma ammo
and walk to the ledge, watching for the snot platforms to come by.
Jump on the first, and then the second, and you will now be circling
around the Queen, ready to attack. The best stategy is to shoot her
in short bursts every time you are directly above, below, left, and
to the right of her. If you hesitate, then the Queen will summon more
flying bugs- shooting her prevents this. It will take a while (unless you
have many mega blasters), but she will soon meet a very grisly death.

With the Queen defeated, your final task is to
rescue Princess What's-Her-Name, who wishes
to thank you with a small token of her gratitude...

...Well... Better luck next time.