In this new level exclusive to EWJ:SE, you must find your way through this
eerie bog, home of the perpetually hungry Big Bruty. He will come charging
once he senses you, and if you get too close it's Dinner Time. He does have
one thing going for him - he's quite good at the art of clearing obstacles.

Near the start of the level you can top off your health by jumping over
the wall on the right, as shown above. Take the full health power-up there.

Bruty #1

To get past Big Bruty #1, you need to attract his attention by letting
him sniff you, but from a safe distance. Once he runs after you, grab
the rope above the continue and hoist yourself up. Once he passes you,
quickly run back the way you came until you get to a giant lever. Once
Big Bruty reappears, get his attention once more, and quickly jump on
the short end of the lever. This will catapult you out of harm's way.

Once launched, you can continue on to your right, or you can climb across
the rope on your left, which you can use to access Free Life #1. When you
reach the end of the rope, jump off and helicopter to the platform (the one
above the rope you used to avoid Bruty #1). Swing on the nail to get to the
next rope, and drop straight down through the hoop until you hit the ground.
Now you can walk left through the floor and collect the free life. Keep
walking left, drop down, and walk right to collect the health and eventually
come back up through the floor, to where the first continue marker was.

Bruty #2

Get him to chase you down to the pile of junk, but grab the rope and hoist
yourself up before he runs into you. He will miss, and will destroy the
pile as well as bash himself into several smaller Brutys. These guys aren't
nearly as tough as their counterparts and can be destroyed with your blaster.

You can collect Free Life #2 by carefull jumping over him like in the
image below. The free life is located in the air above where he reappears.

When you get to the next continue, you can whip the hook to your left
to get to a secret room that contains some health and homing missiles.

Bruty #3

Use the rope-hoist trick to get past him, and when he reappears, use him
again (this time to the right) to smash the pile of junk in your way.

Bruty #4

Once you get his attention, quickly run to the left and grab the ring next to
the homing missiles. This will open the trap door and he will fall through it.

Bruty #5

You can get the Free Life #3 by jumping over Bruty #5 (carefully) when
he is chasing after you. Once you get him to catapult you with the lever,
you can either land on the rope above you, or you can helicopter to the
ledge on the left. To get at the room holding Free Life #4, whip at the
wall- there is a hidden nail behind it allowing you will swing into the room.

After you are catapulted onto the rope, follow it to the point shown above
(get the missiles first) and drop down. This will take you to Free Life #5.

Bruty #6

After getting his attention, quickly and carefully jump onto the ledge
above him. Once he passes, you can jump down and run right towards the
exit, or you can jump over the wall next to the ledge. This will take
you to the sixth and final extra life. Run left, and you will come up
the same pipe you went through earlier to get to Big Bruty Number Six.