Between nearly each level you must compete against Psycrow in the Great
Space Race. There are many asteroids littering your path that must be
avoided if you want to make it out alive. If you win, you get to go to
the next level. If you lose, you must battle him again mano-y-mano.

To activate your rocket, press the fire button. If you are right next
to Psycrow, you can throw him off by pushing him into an asteroid,
or by bashing into him while you have a shield activated. The chart
on your left shows both you and Psycrow's position in the race, and
counters show the amount of fuel pods and shields you have collected.

There are several power-ups that you can collect during the race.
Rocket boosters (left) will give you a short speed burst, during which
you will become invincible. Shields (center) will also cause invincibility
for about five seconds each. Press the whip button to activate them. If
you collect 50 fuel pods (right), you will earn an extra continue.


Boss: Psycrow

Defeating Psycrow is just a matter of whipping him and shooting him when
he is temporarily stunned, while dodging the deadly hooks he shoots at
you from his gun. Repeat this technique until he gives up and jetpacks off.