1. How does Jim spell his first name?

A) Jim
B) Mij
Y) Mji

2. What color is Jim's red gun?

A) Red
B) Green
Y) Blue

3. What is Doc Duodenum's favorite cheese?

A) Gouda
B) Doc is lactose intolerant
Y) Camembert

4. What is Princess What's Her Name's real name?

A) Chip Butty
B) Hey You!
Y) What's Her Name

5. When is Jim's birthday?

A) Today, if you have a present
B) June 9, 1994
Y) The day he was born

6. In what year was the Battle of Hamstrings?

A) 101 D.M.
B) 1066 A.D.
Y) 1099 B.C.

7. Can you rub your stomach and pat your head?

A) Yes
B) No
Y) Yes, but Simon didn't say

8. Phrase your response in the form of a question.

A) No
B) Maybe
Y) Yes

9. May I please be excused to go to the bathroom?

A) Flamin' Yawn
B) The Industrial Revolution
Y) Cross your legs!

10. Can Jim speak French?

A) Oui
B) No
Y) Michelle, ma bell vont tray bien ensemble