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- DVDs -

15 years after the show went off the air, the EWJ cartoon
is finally out on DVD! Currently it is only available in
Australia. I got hold of a copy, so here's a brief overview.

- Video Games -

The games were the most successful of the EWJ franchise, &
therefore the most plentiful. They can be found pretty much
anywhere- from used game stores, second-hand shops, to
online sellers / auction sites like & EBay.

Some of the rarer games include the 'Whole Can o' Worms'
twin pack for PC, EWJ 2 for PlayStation, and EWJ 1 for
Sega Master System (an 8-bit game that excludes the
levels For Pete's Sake, Level 5, and Snot a Problem!

Game List

Earthworm Jim

Super Nintendo
Mega Drive
Game Gear
Master System
Sega CD
PC Special Edition
GameBoy Advance

Earthworm Jim 2

Super Nintendo
PlayStation (PAL)
Sega Saturn
Gameboy Advance

Earthworm Jim 3D

Nintendo 64


Whole Can o' Worms
Menace 2 the Galaxy

- VHS Tapes -

Universal has released 4 VHS tapes of the EWJ cartoon, with
2 episodes per tape. New & used copies can be found on Amazon
and EBay. The 4 tapes contain:

'The Book of Doom' & 'The Egg Beater'
'Assault and Battery' & 'Trout!'
'Conquerer Worm' & 'Day of the Fish'
'Bring Me the Head of Earthworm Jim'
& 'Sword of Righteousness'

- Action Figures -

Playmates released a series of EWJ action figures based
on characters from the TV show. A second series was
planned, but due to the poor sales of the first, it
never materialized. These can be found all the time
on Ebay, and people have reported seeing them in 'KB
Toys' stores in the US.

Taco Bell also released its own set of four toys, to
also tie in with the TV show. These included EWJ (squeeze
toy), Peter Puppy (piggy bank), Bob (bowling game) and
the Pocket Rocket (wind-up car).

- Comic Books -

As part of their 'Absurd' series, Marvel released three
issues of the EWJ comic book from late 1995 to early 1996.
The comics seemed to have combined elements from both the
game and the TV show. Due to their short run, they are
difficult to find- but they do pop up sometimes on EBay.

The whole series can be viewed at Rocketworm.

- Miscellaneous -

Various other EWJ-related item have been made, such as
strategy guides, posters (usually included with the games
themselves) and apparel (including shirts, pins and watches-
just be sure they are authentic, and not illegal bootlegs!)

EWJ Guides:

Earthworm Jim - Official Game Secrets
by Rusel DeMaria & Tom Stratton Jr. (Prima, 1994)
Earthworm Jim 2 - Official Game Secrets
by Rusel DeMaria & Tom Stratton Jr. (Prima, 1996)
Earthworm Jim 3D - Official Strategy Guide
by Craig Wessel (BradyGames, 1999)

EWJ Posters:

Eat Dirt!
This Game Don't Stink!
Udder Chaos!
2 Cool For a Headline!