Plasma Power
Each time you pick up one of these you get an additional 250 rounds of plasma
power. Plasma shots are limited so get as many of these as you can find!

Mega Plasma
The Big Wally of plasma detonation! This weapon will generally wipe out
anything you can point it at! Everytime you collect one of these you only
get one mega-shot, so use them wisely!

Homing Shells
The smart missile. This weapon will track down the closest enemy and blast it with
Mega Plasma power. You get three missiles for each one of these you pick up.

Suit Power
Atomic energy that the suit needs to function. Collecting these items increases
your overall suit energy. More healthy than a big bowl of chicken soup.

Super Suit Power
We’re talking full suit power. Like a double espresso and a hunk of cheesecake,
prepare to be energized to the extreme!

Asteroid Shields
During Andy Asteroids, grab these to protect yourself from colliding with the asteroids.

Atomic Accelerator
Catch one of these power gems to throw yourself into overdrive. Useful for a
quick burst of speed to avoid Psy-Crow.

Fuel Pods
While racing, grab these items for fun and profit. Better than selling Grit
(America’s Family Newspaper) and much easier. Collect 50 and get a free continue.

Extra Life
Hidden throughout the vast levels are these items that will give you
an extra try at rescuing the princess.