-Try not to stay in the same place too long. As a moving
target, Jim is a lot tougher to hit.

-Limit your firing to short bursts of plasma. This will help
you save much needed rounds for later.

-Use your head literally! Your whip-like head can do more
than destroy your enemies. You can use it to swing from place
to place. Hmmm... what sort of thing could you swing from?

-Don't be afraid to make a leap of faith. With a part-time
propeller for a head, Jim can gently glide down a chasm
that he's leapt into even though you may not see where
he is going to land.

-Sometimes hanging around isn't such a hot idea and you'll need
to get out of somebody's way. Just pull yourself up by your
bootstraps- you'd be amazed at how many enemies don't look up.

-Surrounding yourself with EWJ action figures, watching
the TV show and buying anything by Shiny Entertainment
will automatically make you the coolest person in your

-Gather as many atoms as you can before the end of each stage.
You'll need as much energy as you can get to defeat the bosses.
And watch your plasma gun's energy level recharging only
seems to take longer when you're in a jam.

-Open your eyes and search around. There are many secrets to
be found. Closely look at what you see, for many secrets are
off the screen.

-There are a ton of goodies on each level. If you can't find a
way to get to something you see, the answer may lie just ahead,
or below, or above you, or this-away, or that-away...

-To keep Psy-Crow out of the action, you've got to beat him in
the asteroid... race. Otherwise he'll give you problems on every
level. (Lose a turn for not laughing at the asteroid joke!)

-Most of the time, keeping Peter moving along is the best plan
of action. But how can you stop him, or slow him down, when you
need to? Click.

-Making cookies with butter-flavored shortening rather than butter
or margarine keeps them from flattening out too much during baking.

-Collecting 50 fuel pods during Andy Asteroids will earn you an
extra continue.