Earthworm Jim

Just an ordinary earthworm caught in a suit he doesnít
understand. Faced with the daunting task of keeping the
super-powered suit out of the evil clutches of his vicious
enemies, youíll have to use everything you can just to
keep Jim alive! Like weapons, whips, plasma blasters,
hamsters (umm...) and other hi-tech stuff!


Jim was hunted by crows all his life, but never one with
a gun!! Psy-Crow is determined to get that suit back for
the Queen at any cost. Because of his persistence and his
twisted crow mind, youíll never know when heís gonna turn
up!!! If he gets his worm hook into you and pulls you out
of the suit, Jim is as good as bass bait. Keep your eyes
open and stay on guard!

Chuck & Fifi

Fifi is no lovable poodle. Try a psychotic, four-legged
chainsaw with a rusty chain and youíll know what we mean.
Fifi wants to keep strangers away from his masterís junk-
yard. Chuck will throw up anything he can to keep you
from surviving. Youíll need to keep your wits in order
to dethrone him.

Evil the Cat

Born with no heart, the ruler of Heck lives to torture
others. Filling Heck with corporate lawyers and dreaded
elevator music, Evil has seen to it that Jim doesn't stand
a snowballís chance. Evilís snowmen are a good example of
how twisted this cat really is!!! If you thought Heck was
bad before, you ainít seen nothiní yet.

Big Bruty

Blind as a mole rat. Fat as a beached whale. Dumb as a
rock. Thatís Big Bruty. If he gets one whiff of you though,
heíll come after you like a runaway freight train. Your
best bet is to stay out of his way, because heís always
hungry & always chews his food 30 times before swallowing.

Bob & #4

Bob is a goldfish with plans... plans to steal Jimís powerful
suit so he can rule the universe. He canít harm Earthworm Jim
directly, but thatís what the drone cat #4 is for!! This brute
packs a mean punch! Whatever Bob wants, #4 gets ó and
Bob wants that suit!

Major Mucus

From the distant phlegm planet, Major Mucus will stop at
nothing to get Jimís suit. Bouncing wildly from a tiny
thread of goo, the Major is bound to be trouble. Watch
out ó if he gets a hold of Jim, the snot will really
hit the fan!

Professor Monkey-For-A-Head

Youíd be pretty mad too if you had a monkey sharing your
head, or is the Professor sharing the monkeyís head?
Whatever you do, donít call him "Monkey Professor-For-
A-Head" or heíll get really steamed! This guy is totally
bananas and heís willing to destroy Jim to prove it.

Peter Puppy

Peter may first look like a cute, cuddly puppy, but when
he transforms into his alter ego thereís nowhere to hide.
This isnít going to be just another walk in the park with
Peter! Jimís super suit helped him survive the trip through
the black hole to Peterís world, but its powers might not
be enough to help him get back...

Doc Duodenum

Tired of life as an alienís internal organ, Doc Duodenum took
off on his own. The Doc would like to have Earthworm Jim over
for lunch. Or was it over AS lunch? Hmmm. Jim needs to escape
soon, or heíll make his final exit as an entree for Doc. Other
than the deadly bile that oozes from his body, Doc is actually
a tidy person although not the sort youíd bring home to meet
your parents...


Twin sister of the Queen, she got the good end of the genetic
pool. A truly bodacious babe of the highest magnitude! When
asked about her favorite activities, she sweetly replied "Save
the space whales. Iím a Libra. Will you buy me a spaceship?"

The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering,
Sweaty, Pus-Filled, Malformed, Slug-For-A-Butt

Adjectives escape us as we try to encapsulate the utter
putridity of her being. Letís put it this way: sheís big,
sheís bad and sheís in the mood for earthworm burgers!!
She has a face not even a mother could love, and a body
to match. Sheís Jimís ultimate nightmare! How can she be
defeated? Is it possible? You know she has a twin sister,
donít you?